Licence # : 954955



Licence # : 954955


Demo, remove and rid of all current kitchen cabinetry.

Demo, remove and rid of current kitchen backsplash.

Demo, remove and rid of kitchen sink, faucet, garbage disposal, dishwasher and anything that is involved in plumbing)

Demo, remove and rid of all appliances and any lighting you may want to remove.


Whether you are installing fabricated or building custom cabinets with an expert carpenter, now is the time to make all those last-minute design changes and additions. It is also the time to finalize on the exact placements of appliances, your island or peninsula. Making these changes later in the game could get expensive. If you are on a tight budget We recommend constructing a game plan together with your contractor prior to any construction work.

A few questions to ask yourself:

Do you have any commercial sized cooking apparatus that you need special sized cabinets or drawers?

Do you want custom wood dividers in your silverware drawers?

Are you looking to have more than one sink or dishwasher in your kitchen?

Do you want a wooden custom range hood?

Are you constantly hosting? What would make your life easier and still be presentable for your guests.

Will you have any glass cabinet doors?

Will you have any glass cabinet doors?

What kind of wood finish or edge would you like?

Lazy Susan or pull out drawers?

Do you need a storage pantry?

The creative ideas and additions can go on and on especially if you are a Pinterest or Houzz lover!


Now that the placement of everything has been decided and finalized, your contractor will bring in his licensed and insured plumber to create, replace and install.Water lines, angle stops and sink drains. Now is the time to replace rusty or galvanized piping. Don’t be afraid to ask for credentials! A good contractor will have all the credentials on him and let you see them right away.


Just a small checklist for all your kitchens’electrical needs.

Pendant lights


Under cabinet LED lighting

Recessed lighting

Above sink pendant

Specified outlet for microwave

Stove top

Range Hood

GFCI outlets in kitchen


Insulation will be inserted on any joint exterior and kitchen walls prior to sheetrock install.


Sheetrock will be installed, taped and floated to make the entire area smooth and ready for Installation of cabinets and backsplash inlay. Any sheetrock installed near wet areas should be installed with water resistant (Green Board) sheetrock.


Here your cabinets will be primed and painted and fully dried before installing. Cabinets don’t have to be one solid color. Did you know you can actually add highlights to your cabinets? Maybe you are looking for a more vintage or rustic look? With maple wood a soft stain really accents the wood and its grains. Paint colors always look a bit different on cabinets then they do on a wall or a piece of paper. While trying out samples you can always ask your contractor for help. You can also ask him for the type of wood being used, buy a small board and paint away! It’s always a great idea to come with pictures of the look you want to achieve. Expert painters are just like artists, they can mimic what they see.


Here your fabricated or custom cabinets will be assembled and installed. If you have small children at home you can always install and extra magnet on the doors and drawers which will help prevent them from constantly getting in. Soft close hinges are great for protecting and really taking extra care of your new cabinetry.


Countertop is a finish you want to be focused on when you make that decision. Your countertop color is a huge factor in pulling your entire kitchen together. Your contractor should have samples and a base price already included in your total bill but adding a few extra bucks here, for that amazing finish will make the entire kitchen feel custom. Take a trip to a showroom or a countertop supply and make sure you have at least two hours. Don’t forget to come prepared with your cabinet paint color and pictures. You can ask to look at samples of granites, quartzite, marbles and even onyx. ask to go with your contractor and pick out the actual slab that will be used for your kitchen. Natural stones and slabs can vary in color and style every now and then and preventing surprises or delays along the way is ultimately in your best interest.


Backsplash Tile is always installed last. By now your tile should have been picked out, purchased and delivered if needed. Tile inlay shouldn’t take more than 2 days. The first day is used for inlay and the second will be used to apply grout once the thinset and tile have set. If you like to cook keep in mind getting a backsplash that can easily be wiped off and a darker color grout will be easier to preserve and clean.


You can finally begin to see an end to this project and imagine yourself drinking a glass of wine,dancing around your new kitchen with scents and aromas of marinara sauce cooking on the stovetop. Whether you have purchased new appliances or are using the existing, try using all your appliances before your contractor leaves. Sometimes there is a loose wire or an outlet that needs a bit more work for all your appliances to work with no problems.

Brushed nickel, chrome, stainless steel or bronzed oil? What color cabinet handles are you ready to install? You don’t need one solid handle throughout the entire kitchen you can always mix and match, color and style.


Voila! Just like that your custom kitchen is complete to perfection. Now it is time to sit back, relax and marvel at the process your kitchen endured. And don’t forget, great referrals are a contractor’s best friend.